About Us



GRANDHOME 'Trendsetter for tiles and home decor'


GRAND Inspiration

  • We facilitate inspiration ideas for our customer. We travel all around the world to find the best products like no other.
  • We are always ready to share our knowledge and expertise.
  • We offer 360-degree inspiration with more than 100 show units and an expertise in tiles and home décor accessories selection to suit every type of home.

GRAND Caring

  • We have taken care of our customers with respect for over 37 years.
  • We are always improving and developing our services for the maximum benefit of our customer and partners.

GRAND Service

  • We prioritize the real needs of our customers and respond with the maximum results.
  • We always find a way to create value to our service.
  • Our customer’s comfort is our priority.

GRAND Technology

  • We invest in technology to make your life easier and to meet demands of the digital era.
  • Advanced technology to make dreams become reality.
  • We use innovations to increase functionality beyond imagination, such as Water Jet.